Cruise Club Compensation Plan

Cruise Club Compensation Plan

Thank you for taking the time to review our compensation program. We believe compensation plans should be fair, generous, yet simple to understand, so you can accurately plan your future. Our compensation plan meets all those objectives. The single most powerful element of any compensation plan is the value of the product being sold. We know of no other product that compares to the “real” value of our genuine cruise membership offer. The rare combination of a generous, fair and simple to understand compensation plan with a truly extraordinary product value can be lifechanging. We offer you that rare combination.

5 Compelling ways to get paid

1. Daily Instant Pay Bonuses

2. Daily Residual Income

3. Weekly Matching Bonuses

4. Monthly Leadership Bonuses

5. Monthly Worldwide Market Bonus 3 Ready to see how our powerful compensation plan works? a unique program

And 5 Powerful incentives

1. Membership Free Incentive

2. Cruise Dollar Bonus Incentive

3. New Partner Fast Start Incentive

4. Incentive Cruises

5. Pin Recognition and Rolex Watches


inCruises® is the first-ever travel club exclusively for the cruise market available already in 150+ countries. Partners wanted. Great opportunity.

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