Want to know more about our Partner Program? Questions & answers about Cruise Club Partners program

Want to know more about our Partner Program? Questions & answers about Cruise Club Partners program



What is the difference between a Member and a Partner?

An inCruises Member is someone who purchases a membership to save money on booking cruises and travel the world in comfort and style. Partners join our Independent Partner Program (IBP) to promote and earn commissions, bonuses and other incentives by referring others who purchase memberships. We call Partners who are also Members 'Partner Members'. So each time we mention Members, know that also includes 'Partner Members'.


If I am a Member, do I also have to be a Partner?

Although many of our Partners are also Members, it is not mandatory. It is possible to be a Partner, a Member, or both, what we call a “Partner Member.” Experiencing the value and personal use of our membership product helps you promote our genuine service to others.



Does a Member have to join as a Partner to sell other memberships and earn a free membership?

Yes. We make a clear separation of the two roles. You cannot earn commissions or incentives for referring others unless you are a Partner. For example, in order to get your own Membership waived, a Member must be a Partner and refer 5 active paying Members to have their own Membership dues waived.


Does your own membership count as 1 of your 5 Members to become Membership free?





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How much does it cost to have my own inCruises independent business with all the tools necessary to do business?

There's an activation fee of $195 USD and an annual renewal fee of $95 USD each year thereafter. Partners gain access to online recorded training and weekly live training, their very own corporate email , personalized Referral Links and replicated pages, marketing materials and tools, marketing videos, Android and iPhone apps, and downloadable business cards. We estimate the value of our training program to be more than $50.00 USD per month. You're receiving a lot of value for an activation fee of $195 USD during your first year and $95 USD annually, thereafter.


Can I earn back my activation fee within 30 days of upgrading?

We believe you can! By launching your business and successfully referring and enrolling family and friends, your initial activation fee can be recovered – plus some additional earnings as well. There are no guarantees of this and that's entirely up to your efforts and ability to enroll others.


What if I cancel or drop out from being a Partner? Can I get a refund?

The $195 USD activation fee is refundable only during your first 14 days after upgrading.




Are Partners travel agents?

No. Their responsibility is to promote the membership program and the business opportunity that inCruises provides. They do not book travel nor assist members with cruise purchases, using their Cruise Dollars, or anything related to the travel experience. inCruises has a dedicated staff to help members with their cruise purchases. Partners are also forbidden from marketing specific cruises and enrolling Members for the purpose of going on a specific cruise by paying for a specific period of time. This practice is strictly prohibited and can lead to the termination of the Partner who engages in this activity. Partners can only sell the Membership and its benefits and always explain that it designed to be a long-term relationship where Members benefit more and can travel on great cruise vacations more often and with greater savings as they remain a long-term Member with inCruises.


What are the ways you can potentially earn income as a Partner?

There are many ways to earn income as a Partner with inCruises. There are Instant Pay Bonuses, Producer Bonuses, Residual Compensation, Free Memberships, and bonuses based on the income and sales volume of your entire downline organization, as well as several other incentives. Please review our Compensation Program for more details.


Can I get paid for recruiting others?

No. inCruises does not pay for the recruitment of Partners. We only pay commissions for the personal enrollment of Members, including Partner Member memberships. You will only earn downline compensation from Membership sales and not from any Partner upgrades. To be clear: Commissions are not paid for any fees paid by Partners to have access to our business opportunity. We only pay commissions and bonuses for Membership sales.




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How much can I earn selling inCruises?

Your earnings match your efforts, your passion and the size of your team and their efforts. You have the opportunity to grow your earnings as you grow your number of personal and team Membership sales. Your success is truly unlimited!


How can I be successful?

Building relationships is at the heart of our business. Whether it be face-to-face or online, promoting inCruises gives you the opportunity to build on the relationships you already have – and help you create new ones. Add to that a love of travel and talking to others about travel, a passion for success, and all the amazing support you receive when you become a Partner, and you're on your way to unlimited rewards and success.
inCruises is NOT an opportunity where you make thousands or tens of thousands of dollars in income overnight. It's a viable business similar to other direct selling companies. It would be irresponsible to claim that someone could be successful with inCruises simply by enrolling as a Partner. No one can make such a claim about any business opportunity, and inCruises makes no such claim.


Can I be successful selling online only?

No. Our business requires human interaction beyond digital messaging. However, inCruises is fully integrated in social media and we offer great email marketing tools so there are many opportunities to promote your business online. Plus, inCruises has its own mobile apps so you can connect with and grow your client base from your smartphone to make money anytime, anywhere!


How do I receive my compensation?

inCruises pays its Partners through Payoneer®. Each time a commission is earned, we will transfer your earnings to yourinCruises Wallet and notify you. You can then transfer your wallet balance, assuming it is greater than $50.00, to Payoneer® in order to receive your funds via:

  1. Bank transfer to your local bank
  2. Pre-paid Visa or MasterCard issued by Payoneer®


Can I get paid from Payoneer® as a business using my EIN or equivalent business identification number outside the US?





Are cruises considered business expenses for inCruises Partners?

We like the way you're thinking and be sure to check with your accountant.


Can a Partners inCruises business be transferred to someone else if the Partner passes away?

Please consult our Policies and Procedures Manual for complete details. It states:

  1. Upon the death of a Partner that has achieved the rank of Marketing Director or higher, his or her business may be passed to his or her heirs.
  2. All the processes and steps to address this are explained in our Procedures Manual found in our Resources (Documents) section of our website (your back office).


Who is our target market?

Only two percent of the world population has vacationed on a cruise. Only 20 percent of U.S. adults have ever enjoyed a relaxing cruise vacation. There is an enormous untapped market. First-time cruisers, which are the focus of inCruises, are important to the growth of the industry. During 2013, the North American cruise industry carried 17.6 million passengers on a global basis. In 2014, that number rose above 20 million and is expected to exceed 25.3 million in 2017.
Learn more about our Membership, the benefits, and about our unique offer in our Membership page.


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Want to know more about our Members Program? Questions & answers about Cruise Club Members program