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Ready to buy is a universal trading platform for the new generation.

Undoubtedly, anyone who has made purchases on the Internet at least once, has heard about situations where you see one thing when ordering in the picture, and then you get something completely different — not a carpet in the living room, but a mouse pad; not a spectacular dress, but a shapeless piece of cloth. And often, faced with such a problem, the client simply accepts this as a bad experience and hides the unfortunate purchase in the depths of his closet, because complaining to the support service, sending the order back, demanding a refund is too difficult and slow.

Very often, such situations occur because the order came from nowhere, from the other end of the world.

Our platform is a conceptually new approach to online shopping.

Ready to buy will support local businesses and local producers. That is why our advanced filter system allows users to search for merchants in their countries, regions and cities. With the help of our site you can find and buy products in your immediate area. Thus, you have the opportunity to support the local business, pick up the purchase yourself, thereby saving time and money on delivery, and in case of a dispute, contact the seller directly.

Ready to buy has exceptional promotion and advertising resources that are inaccessible to many platforms. Our platform is based on a distribution network. Thus, the promotion of the site and its products occurs through the referral system. Any expert in the field of advertising and marketing will confirm that the promotion of business and word of mouth products, or as it is also called word of mouth, is one of the most effective. There are thousands of distributors registered in our system who are interested in promoting the site themselves.

Ready to buy provides maximum opportunities for all users of the platform. On our site there is an option to leave a request "ready to buy." Sometimes it happens that a customer has a certain amount that he can spend on a certain product. And the seller may have left exactly this product in the latest copy or the only amount, and he is ready to sell it with a very good discount. Our playground helps these interested parties find each other. The buyer leaves a request that he is ready to purchase the product for the specified amount. And the seller, if he is satisfied with this amount, can create an individual offer for this particular client.

Ready to buy has a unique internal Customer Unit-CU system. This system contributes to the creation of incredibly competitive offers, discounts and opportunities for both the buyer and the seller.

For more information about the site and its features, register here: READYTOBUY


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Great network

I got a new clients in my store online thru this network. It works!

April 2019

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1 Review

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